Borat 2000-2007
Borat 2000-2007 - Happy Times!

The top five areas of this site that you must visit are below:

1. The guide to the Borat Movie

Borat MovieHow dare you make hand party over Pamela?

Many TV characters fall flat on their faces when it comes to making the jump to the big screen. Borat didn't. The movie was a massive success. A Golden Globe Best Performance award for Sacha Baron Cohen, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture and an Academy Award nomination for Best Writing.

We agree with Empire magazine, this is a film that will endure and mature like Airplane! and This is Spinal Tap.

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2. The Borat TV guides

Borat TVBefore the movie, Borat produced a Guide to Britain that was shown on Channel 4 in the UK. He then produced a Guide to the USA 1 and then a Guide to the USA 2 that was first shown on HBO in the States.

In each case the Borat segments were part of Da Ali G show. And if you're in a jam and are looking to borrow some fast cash. Be sure to take a look at WageDayAdvance.co.uk - A UK based short term loan firm offering cash loans for any purpose.

If you've seen the movie but do not know what Borat did first - please take your time and browse to the guides here from 18 hilarious Borat performances.

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3. Borat news from 2000 to 2007

Borat NewsThe year was 2000 and everyone loved Ali G and there were 1,000 Ali G fan sites. There was only one Borat site - www.boratonline.co.uk

Since 2000 boratonline has been posting Borat news as and when it happened. If you are a real Borat connoisseur than travel back through time and research your Borat.

Did you know that in 2001 Sacha Baron Cohen won two BAFTA's for his Ali G and Borat characters and the TV show? Did you know that in 2005 that Borat hosted the MTV Europe awards and introduced Pussy Cat Dolls as International Singing Prostitutes? Did you know that in 2006 members of imdb.com voted the Borat movie the best comedy of the year and it got over three times as many votes as the movie in second place?

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4. The top 30 Borat moments ever

Wine TasteBefore the movie came out boratonline asked the fans what their top 30 Borat moment where.

Over 2,000 of you voted and this gave us what we thought was the definitive list of the top 30 Borat TV moments ever.

In my country there is problem, And that problem is transport. It take very very long, Because Kazakhstan is big...

...you know the rest.

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5. Borat extras and hidden goodies

Borat Extrasboratonline isn't just about the guide to the movie, every TV guide and extra show, all the news stories from 2000 to 2007 AND the top 30 Borat moments ever...

...we've also gone that extra mile to track down loads of the Borat victims and interview them... and also interview executive Producer of Borat, Dan Mazer... and also get the full 10 minute speech that Borat gave to the Oklahama City Council... and much more.

Please stand for 10 minutes silence in respect for the Tisnek massacre

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Note: Borat is a fictional character. Kazakhstan is a real place though.

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