The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Borat's Extras

Not "extras" in the way of the back room at the Buitcha Water Spa. These "extras" are on the DVDs and weren't seen on the various TV series.

Borat's guide to English GentlemenA: Guide to English Gentlemen

Borat gets his inner thigh touched up when getting measured for a suit - but "it OK, he likes".

Borat also gets lessons on how to flirt with ladies, as if he needs them!

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Borat's guide to SportB: Guide to Sport

In the interview with Borat Producer Dan Mazer, he said that this could possibly be his and Sacha's favourite episode.

It's just too confusing for Borat why you can't "do a dirt" in the urinals.

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Borat's guide to PoliticsC: Guide to Politics

Does Kazakhstan have nuclear weapons? We'd better end the interview there.

Also, what is the difference between a lord and a gay lord?

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Borat's USA ExtrasD: USA Various Clips

Over four minutes of dialog from Borat comparing horses to men.

Some secret "behind the scenes" photos from Borat's time in the USA. Includes the Guide to Animals.

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HuntingE: Guide to Hunting

The infamous Guide to Hunting that HBO banned from being aired in the USA.

Quite controversial as Borat interviews staff at a hunting ranch in Texas.

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