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Exclusive Borat Cartoon!

Borat cartoonOnce again BoratOnline pulls another exclusive gem out of the bag for all the Borat fans out there!

Borat fan Sohail created the animation as part of his final year studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. It is extremely well done, the artwork is excellent and Sohail has got the lip synching just about perfect.

Click on the image to the left for more information on how to view the clip. It's a 1.2MB .mov file so you can download it quite quickly and even email it to your friends. It'll play using QuickTime or Real Player.

Huge thanks to Sohail and a big plug for his www.sheepnut.net website. Thanks again to www.thatwasme.net for hosting the clip!

BORAT SCREEN SAVER: instructions
The Unofficial Borat Screen Saver contains around sixty images and quotes from Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakhstani reporter's best moments. In keeping with www.boratonline.co.uk, the Unofficial Borat Homepage, the screen saver is in black and white and of the highest quality.

To install the screen saver on your PC (sorry again Mac users) follow the simple instructions below:

Step 1.

Click on the download link below.

This will allow you to save the Screen Saver setup.exe file to your hard drive.

The setup.exe file is 2.2 MB in size. This should take less than 10 minutes to download over a normal modem connection.

Step 2. Locate the setup.exe file where you saved it using Windows Explorer.

Double click on this file to install it.

After a few seconds the BoratScreenSaver will be installed on your machine ready for use.

Step 3. Go to your Windows Desktop* and right click the mouse. Select "Properties". Then select "Screen Saver" in the dialog box.

You should then select the BoratScreenSaver from the list of available Screen Savers. (It will be listed there with the wonderful Flying Fish and the 3D Pipes).

* The Windows Desktop is the start up screen on your computer before you launch any applications.


Although this Screen Saver has undergone testing, The Unofficial Borat Homepage can't accept responsibility for any problems which may occur due to the use of this software. As with anything with your computer, if you are in any doubt about how something works then it is best to be safe and leave things alone.

The Unoffficial Borat Screen Saver has been designed to work with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems from Windows 98 onwards.

DESKTOP IMAGES: instructions
All image in full colour. The 1024 x 768 images are around 75 KB and the 800 x 600 images around 50 KB. These will take less than 20 seconds to download over a normal modem connection.

Borat's Guide To USA I
    My wife she is dead 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768




Thanks to Kader who emailed the above desktop image to me.


Borat's Guide To Etiquette
    My wife she is dead 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768

Borat's Guide To Henley
    You have a wonderful moustache 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768

Borat's Guide To Hunting
    Or rip him up with wild dogs 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768

Borat's Guide To Britain
    B' B' Borat 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768

Borat's Distant English Cousin
    How much can you can get one of these for? 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768

Borat's Distant Austrian Cousin
    Do you have a message for Austria's Gay Community? 

  800 x 600

  1024 x 768

To set one of the images below to be your desktop please follow these steps:

1. Click on the link which corresponds to the resolution of your screen. This will open the image in a new browser window.

2. When the image is fully open right click on the image with your mouse. Select the option Set as Wallpaper.

Other Webmasters - please feel free to use these images on your site - a small credit to this site where you use them would be nice. Jagshemash

Note: This should work with Internet Explorer Versions 4+ and Windows 98 and above.
(Again apologies to all those Netscape and Macintosh people)


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