The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Borat's Guide to Britain

Borat's guide to EtiquetteEpisode One: Guide to Etiquette

The legend that is the first ever episode of Borat. Watching this for the first time inspired the creation of this tribute website.

I have a good shit. My wife is dead, but it OK, I have a new wife. A classic!

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Borat's guide to HuntingEpisode Two: Guide to Hunting

Borat tries to understand English hunting from both sides of the argument.

The Kazakhstani "traditions" of shooting bears and the TV shows of dancing dogs and cats do not go down well with the protesters.

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Borat's guide to CambridgeEpisode Three: Guide to Cambridge

Do Cambridge University have parties with naked wrestling and prostitutes?

Borat also learns the finer arts of cricket and meets some drunken students.

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Borat's guide to EdinburghEpisode Four: Guide to Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Festival is the location for Borat's fourth adventure.

And a man in the theatre... is like a man in the house.

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Borat's guide to HenleyEpisode Five: Guide to Henley

Despite trying really hard Borat does not undestand what a hippo is.

Kisses off the male students, a firm hand shake for the females.

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