The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

About Borat Sagdiyev

The best way to introduce Borat is in his own words from the Borat Television Program shown on E4. 

(Borat rides up to the camera in a horse drawn cart with his wife. They are in a rural village in Kazakhstan).

Borat - Hello English friend. What what what! My name is Borat. Like English Barry, but people call me Steve. A year ago I come to England and make many reportings. In this program you can watch them and also see more about my life in Kazakhstan. I hope you will like. It is nice. I like.

(The title sequence of Borat's own Kazakhstani television program are then shown. The scenes are as follows:

Vilo!1. Seriously wrestling with another man in a gym. Getting thrown to the ground then smiling at the camera and waving.
2. Walking down the street hand in hand with another man. Laughing with him and then touching his face.
3. Sitting in a sauna with only a towel on giving 'high fives' to other half naked men.
4. In a farmyard running away from a stout angry pig.
5. Making a useless attempt to help a farmer restrain a cow by the horns.
6. Getting his hair done.
7. Standing waist deep in water in a massage parlour with his arm around an elderly man.


Borat - I come back to my village. I haven't been here one month. I have been travelling everywhere.

(Borat enters the village. It would be fair to say that all the villagers look like very poor. Borat is looking very smart in his suit and neatly trimmed moustache. Borat walks up to his father. The camera flashes to the face of an elderly woman who looks miserable).Mama!

Borat - Hey Papa!

(Borat and his father hug. Borat breaks off and looks for a young lad who is possibly his younger brother).

Borat - Where is Villo? Hey Vilo! (Borat hugs him and then breaks off and looks closely at Villo's upper lip). He has grown a moustache. Since I last came he has now moustache!

(The next scene shows Borat entering his parent's house and meeting his mother. She is extremely small in comparison to Borat).

Borat - Hey it's my Mama! (He hugs her). I haven't seen her for so long. (He stands back and looks at her). You have grown!

My pet pig(Borat is then shown standing in a farmyard next to an enormous pig).

Borat - In Kazakhstan we love animals. This is Igor, he is my pet. He is a beautiful pig. (Borat pauses obviously under the impression that he has cracked a joke with clever use of the English language). I joke! I laughing!

(The scene then cuts to show Borat sitting with his family eating lunch. Igor the pig is lying on a plate in the middle of the table).

Borat - Mmmmmmmm. Oh Good! Are there any eyes left?

(The next few scenes cut quite quickly as Borat introduces some of the ladies in his life).

This is my wife
This is my wife

Borat - This is my wife. (A plain poorly dressed middle aged lady in the village).

Borat - This is my other wife. (A plain poorly dressed middle aged lady in the city).

Borat - This is my mistress. (A plain poorly dressed middle aged lady in the village).

Borat - This is my girlfriend. (A plain poorly dressed middle aged lady in a hotel room).

Borat - This is my sister. (A giggling poorly dressed teenage girl. Borat looks very sheepish when he introduces her).

Borat - And this one I have to pay money for.  (A plain poorly dressed middle aged lady in the village). But it is worth it. Wah wah wee wee. (Borat then proceeds to do a dance in the yard with this lady friend).

High Five(Borat is pictured standing with an elderly gentleman waste deep in water in a massage parlour. The gentleman looks in his to be around 80 years old).

Borat - Check this. Here I am at Buitcha Water Spa. These rejuvenating waters keep everybody young. This oldest man in Kazakhstan. Almatzie, he is 39 years old. If he live to 40 he will get a telegram from Premier Nezapagma.

(Borat is pictured in the communal showers. There are 7 or 8 naked men all getting showered. Borat is also naked).

Borat - This is the room that I come to party. This is my friend... High five! (Borat proceeds to introduce all of his friends giving them all 'high fives' and laughing with them. He then comes across a man in the corner. There is definitely some tension between Borat and this man). And this one over here... I don't like. He not my friend. He scared.

MassageBorat - This is my friend Marie. (Marie is a butch looking beefy bloke. Borat has his hands behind his head lying on his back on a massage table. Marie is massaging Borat's lower stomach). I come here for massage and how you say? Hand Relief? Every Thursday he clean my hole.

(Borat is pictured standing in the village with all of his family).

Borat - Thank you for watching my report on England. From me, my Mama, my Papa, my brothers, my ladies. We say thank you. We hope you like Kazakhstan. You come and visit, you stay our home. Thank you. I like sex. Bye.

(The credit sequences then shows Borat dressed in a leather jacket singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go on Karaoke).

About this website:
I set this up in April 2000 after finding that there was loads of Ali G pages and none on Borat. I wanted a decent portfolio site for my CV that got a few hits so I thought I may as well do a site on one of the funniest television characters to hit TV in recent years. In my opinion I think Ali G / Borat are amongst the most clever and hilarious characters ever (up there with Basil Fawlty, Blackadder and Alan Partridge).

This site has had over hundreds of thousands of visitors, a thank you email of Sacha Baron Cohen and been given a video to put up as a competition prize from Sacha's PR people. 

If you have any comments please contact me, webmaster@boratonline.co.uk

Note: Borat is a fictional character. Kazakhstan is a real place though.

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