The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Borat's Guide to the USA Series Two

Borat's guide to Wine Tasting Episode One: Guide to Wine Tasting

Borat learns how to hold a wine glass correctly. He then drinks many a glass of wine before discussing slavery. The pictures of him and his sister are quite interesting to say the least!

"The wine was made in 2002? The same year my wife died."

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Borat's guide to Politics Episode Two: Guide to Politics

Borat goes on the campaign trail with Republican Politician James Broadwater. Pro life, not the party for homosexuals and arguably some pretty strong feelings about where Jews go when they die.

The Kazakhstani then manages to get centre stage at the Oklahoma City Council. The speech he delivers is not quite what they expect.

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Borat's guide to Country Music Episode Three: Guide to Country Music

Country Music is very big in Kazakhstan and this guide is one that Borat does not need much help with.

He gets lessons in line dancing but seems to know all the moves anyway. He then gets lessons in song writing, but again seems to be able to do a little on stage himself.

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Borat's guide to Hobbies Episode Four: Guide to Hobbies

Borat learns what Americans do in their spare time.

He first of all gets some self defence lessons. He then learns more about Yoga. Finally, Borat attends a New Age dance class!

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Borat's guide to Buying a House Episode Five: Guide to Buying a House

What sort of things does Borat look for when buying a house?

As you'd expect, they're not the same things Joe Public looks for. A place to put man traps to catch the gypsies and a room with no windows and a metal door are some of the key things he requires.

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Borat's guide to Jobs Episode Six: Guide to Jobs

There are good job opportunity in the U, S and A for Kazkhstani people. Borat goes in search of tips on how to get one.

Borat has vast experience in animal semen extraction (camels and goats). Would this put him in a good position to get a job in the West?

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A massive thanks to Mark for getting me sneak previews of the USA stuff before anyone else in the UK both with the first series and the second series!

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