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Borat's Guide to the USA II, Episode Two: Politics

Borat greets Repulican James Broadwater

In Episode Two of Borat's Guide to the USA II Borat learns a little about American Politics. In one of the biggest Borat dupes ever, the sixth most famous man in Kazakhstan manages to interview Republican candidate for Congress James Broadwater, he then actually manages to go on the campaign trail with him!

James Broadwater is pro-life and so is Borat, he informs James that his brother Vilo had a baby that was covered in hair. At first Vilo's wife wanted rid of it, but now they make money from it from the circus. James then tells Borat that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. Borat, then enquires what happens to the Jews, do they go to heaven or hell? Mr Broadwater thinks about this before replying that "(I) would have to say, they go to hell".

Note: In fairness to Mr Broadwater he does try and explain these comments on his Internet site. It would be interesting to know Sacha's (Borat's) views on this are being Jewish himself.

Borat then visits a number of houses in the company of James Broadwater - screenshots and transcripts are at the base of this page.

Borat asks for ten minutes silence at the Olklahoma City Council meeting

Finally Borat goes to Oklahoma. He gets lessons on giving a speech from the Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman. He then puts these lessons into practice at a meeting of the Oklahoma City Council. He asks for a ten minute stand up silence in respect of a 14 year old Kazakhstan tragedy.

Note: This part of the show was reported on by local Oklahoma Radio. An excellent MP3 of this is available here.

Stop press!

To read a transcript or download this full sound clip, click below:

Click here for Oklahama City Countil Speech

Borat talks about how women are not equal to men.

In Kazkhstan we say...

1. God

2. Man

3. Horse

4. Dog

5. Woman

6. Rat

7. A small Katzoee (?)

Borat Quickie...

What does Borat ask the man at the door when on the campaign trail?

Click for answer

Borat moments to remember...

Campaign trail 1Borat and James arrive at a women's house. Borat would rather to talk to her husband. James watches speechless.

Borat: "Is your husband at home?"

Woman: "No".

Borat: "We want to speak to somebody who can vote".

Woman: "That's it, just me"

Borat: "But you are a woman?".

Campaign trail 2Outside Borat and James are talking to another woman, she seems to be a Republican voter - but Borat wants to be sure of the vote.

Borat: "He (James Broadwater) is a strong man, he will crush his opponents. He will be powerfull like Stalin and not tolerate people who are bad!"

James: "Well, actually, I wouldn't compare myself to Stalin."

Borat: "Will you vote for my friend".

Woman: "Well probably".

Borat: "If you don't vote for him, he will take power".

Campaign trail 3After a long toilet break, Borat is ready to talk to a man at his door.

Borat: "We say in Kazakhstan, a man who goes to power, must have a big... how you say?" (Borat gestures to his groin). How do you say? HrÓm?

Man: "I think the word would be penis".

Borat: "No under the..."

Man: "Testicles".



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