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Borat's Guide to the USA II, Episode Six: Jobs

Borat looks for a job in Da USA

In Episode Six of Borat's Guide to the USA II Borat gets some tips on how to find a job. He first talks through his skills with Al Miller a Careers Advisor. He tells him that one of his jobs back home in Kazakhstan was to work with animals and to make them "have explosion, for liquid, to make them have more animals". Borat says that his "speciality is camels". He can make camels have liquid explosions in less than 20 minutes. Goats are very easy, however, "less than a minute".

Miller asks Borat to tell him of a moment during his time as an "animal semen extractor" in which he excelled himself. Borat recalls of a time when there was a camel who could not perform anymore. "Let Borat try". A detailed story is thentold about how Borat saved the day.

The animal liquid explosion

The next trip is a dummy job interview with Sheila Lawrence. Borat struggles to think of a previous employer who say a good word about him. "They say I am lazy, but they lie". Borat finally tells Sheila that he can "sniff out if there is a traitor in a company. I can finish them."

Borat finally gets a proper interview with William Spurbeck from Equity Funding. He opens the interview by telling him that he can hold down a very large woman for up to 3 hours! Probably not the sort of skill he really was looking for.


Borat gives a list of jobs available to men.

1. Taxi Driver

2. Construction Worker

3. Accountant


...and to woman...

1. Prostitute

Borat Quickie...

Borat has previous experience working as an ice maker, an "animal puller" and what other job?

Click for answer

Borat moments to remember...

He pulls two animals, some can only do oneBorat talks about his technique as a skilled animal puller.

Borat: "I take the box of cream. I take the two animals, same size. I lie on my back and then I start to (pull). Some people can only do one. If a camel then you can only do one. And you have a collection. A small Uzbekhistani boy. Who collects."



His previous bosses are liarsBorat has an interview.

Sheila: "If I called your last boss up about what kind of employee you were. What would he say about you?"

Borat: "He would say bad things. But that is because he is a liar."

Sheila: "What kind of things would he say?"

Borat: "He would say that I am lazy."

Sheila: "What about the previous boss? What would he say about you?"

Borat: "He also say bad things. He a liar too."

Can I have a room with a light?It's time for Borat to ask some questions.

Borat: "Do ladies work here? Do they have nice physiques?"

Borat: "Can I put a camera in the ladies toilets please?"

Borat: "Can I work in a room with a light?"

Borat: "I want 6 dollars a week!"



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