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Borat's Guide to the USA II, Extra Episode: Hunting

This episode was pulled from the second US Series of Da Ali G Show by HBO. This decision is discussed below by Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat/Ali G) in an extract from an interview he did with Howard Stern.

Sacha - "...there was actually a bit we didn't put out, it wasn't very funny, I'm interviewing this guy in Texas on this ranch. It's basically like this exotic zoo. But instead of just looking at the animals, you can shoot them as well. And this guy started talking about how in the past you used to hunt African people in Africa. (gasps from Howard Stern) ...and he was saying it as if it was a good idea!"

"He then asked if we have any Jews in our country. And I said (puts on Borat voice) 'Yes, we have a Jews', and then he starts talking about how the final solution was such a great idea. And he said it like, (puts on a reasonable voice) 'and in Germany the problems with the Jews were so bad they had to perform something that was known as the final solution'. And he made it sound like such a perfectly reasonable thing! (he puts on the voice again) 'And then they had to solve the Jewish problem'."

Stern - "But why wouldn't you air that though? Was it because of the pressure?"

Sacha - "We aired that in England actually. But there were elements in HBO that thought trivialising the holocaust..."

Stern - "But HE was trivialising it! You know what this country has become in a lot of ways? Like, we have to protect the stupid people. We can't let the idiots of this country watch this Red Necks bar erupt into anti-Semitic songs. That we're worried they won't get the joke."

So, you have been warned, the transcript below is (in Sacha's words) not very funny and arguably makes for uncomfortable reading. If anyone wants to discuss this, do so on the discussion board. If you want to complain about this or the Country Music episode you can probably write to Sacha via HBO. Emails sent to me will get no further than me.

Borat - "Jagshemash, today I go to a ranch in Texas full of exotic animals. It is like a zoo but more fun because instead of just look at animals you can also shoot them in the head with a gun! Happy time, chenk yeu."

Mr Gene Gordon welcomes Borat into his Serengetti Ranch.

Gordon - "Come in."

Borat - "Thank you."

Gordon - "Welcome to the Serengetti Ranch."

Borat - (looks around at all of the dead animals' heads on the walls of the ranch) "Whah whah whee whah! Is a very nice!"

Borat - (looks at a giraffe) "Ahhh, this is nice."

Gordon - "Oh yes."

Borat - "You hunt this?"

Gordon - "Yeah, we've been to Africa seven times."

Borat - "Whah whah whee whah!"

Gordon - "We've shot a lot of different things."

Borat and Mr Gordon are now outside on the ranch.

Borat - "And what the most exciting animal now for you to shoot?"

Gordon - "Last year we shot a Pere David Deer."

Borat - "Whah whah whee whah! That's the one..."

Gordon - "That's the one from China that's extinct."


A few feeding machines are spraying animal feed onto the open ground. Gordon - "You see the feeders up where Jim is."

Borat - "Yes."

Gordon - "That's corn and when it triggers off, it makes the animals come and when they hear the sound of it, they'll come and eat it."

Borat - "But do they not know that if they come... they will say goodbye?"

Gordon - "No, they don't know."

(Borat replies with an almost too over the top evil laugh)

Mr Gordon and Borat are now driving in a golf buggy style vehicle around the dirt tracks of the ranch. The camera shot is filming from behind Gordon and Borat's backs. Gordon never turns around, it is unclear whether he knows he is being filmed.

Gordon - "A long time ago in Africa they used to hunt the black guys."

Borat - (silence)

Gordon - "You don't have any Jews up in your country do ya?"

Borat - "Jews, we have a lot of Jews... the one that like the money?"

Gordon - "It's one of their traits alright."

Borat - "In our country the big nose people make a lot of trouble. They make trouble here in America too?"

Gordon - "Everywhere they are!"

Borat - "Yes."

Gordon - "They were so bad in Germany and controlled the economy and all of the money and stuff. That's why when the Nazis got in power, they said 'We're going to have a final solution to this Jewish...'"

Borat - "Hunt the Jew?"

Gordon - "Kill 'em all!"

Borat - "It is a shame you cannot have in one of this." (Borat indicates to the ranch) "....Deer and then a Jew. Then you can hunt the Jew."

Gordon - (laughs) "You can't be this way in this country!"

Borat - "But why not?"

Gordon - "It's OK with me. But it's not with other people."

Borat, Mr Gordon and Jim are sat near a clearing out in the ranch.

Borat - "I will do a Kazakh ritual to get the animal."

Jim - "OK"

Borat - "What is the name of the animal?"

Jim - "Axis Deer."

Borat - "What it sound?"

The camera cuts and shows Borat walking off into the wilderness. He returns in his shoes and underpants. He crouches with his arms outstretched trying to call to the deer.

Gordon - (turns to Jim) "I have been to a lot of deer hunts. And I have not once in my life seen that!"


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