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Borat's Guide to the USA II, Episode Five: Buying a House

Borat asks about how to prevent a Jew attack

Episode Five is quite a short episode in which Borat is shown around an expensive American house by a very polite estate agent. As you can imagine, our man from Kazakhstan looks for different things when buying a house than you or I.

The first thing Borat wants to know about is how secure the house is. Borat is worried about (another) gypsy attack. His wife and plough were stolen last time, not to mention the "very bad" things they did to his horse. His wife, however is more scared of a different kind of person (see "quickie" below for the non-pc answer).

In the garden Borat enquires about whether he can bury or burn his wife there if she dies.

If another wife dies, can he bury her in the house gardens?Once inside the house the question of whether there is a room with no windows but a metal door springs up. His brother is a retard and has a very small head but a very strong body. "He can smash!", Borat tells the bemused estate agent.

Borat is surprised at the size of the bed. "Do the woman not get put in the cage?", he asks. "They will escape", Borat argues, when the American says they do not cage them over here.

Finally, Borat goes through a number of experiments to see if he can hear toilet noises through two closed doors. The estate agent is put in the bedroom, Borat goes into the bathroom to make some noises, "You will tell me if you can hear?". The estate agent, relieves his fears by replying, "I can barely hear you, I think you'd be alright!".


Borat gives more of an insight into his dislike of gypsies.

He suffered a "very bad gypsy attack".

"They stole my wife, a plough and touched his horse... in a very bad way".

Borat Quickie...

What is Borat's wife very scared of?

Click for answer

Borat moments to remember...

He has a small head, but very strong arm - can smash!

"He has a small head, but very strong arm - can smash!"

Not to the bed, put her in her cage!

"Not to the bed, put her in her cage!"

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