The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Borat Sound Board

Borat in the USA

The excellent Sound Board produced by the guys at www.cringehumor.net is below.

Note: Currently the Borat Soundboard has been taken offline - unfortunately it is a little too popular at the moment and I am hitting my limits on bandwidth! If anyone knows of any alternative URL that this can be downloaded from, please send me an email

Stop Press - the Soundboard is back!

The chaps at CringeHumour.net have been in touch to point out that they are actually currently hosting the excellent Borat Soundboard. Please read the email below for further details:

Hey fella,

I read on your site that you had to pull the Borat soundboard due to bandwidth issues. Feel free to link to this URL:


I have unlimited bandwidth (for now) and you guys have generated tons of traffic to Cringe Humor in the past

Let me know if it is niiiiiice


Webmaster of http://cringehumor.net

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