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Howard Stern Interview

Quite an amazing interview with Howard Stern and his side kick. Sacha was playing his English comic who used to go to Cambridge University character :) and seemed very relaxed and revealed some great secrets about the show. Mr Stern came across as a genuine fan and as a result the 25 minute!!! interview is very funny and a great treat to listen to.

The Unofficial Borat Homepage does it's usual London Times standard reporting now and copies and pastes two reviews of this interview straight into the page...

Review from howardstern.com


Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G among others came on the show today to promote the release of the first season of the Ali G show on DVD. Howard praised Sacha saying how much he loved the show and then played some of his favorite clips, including the "Throw the Jew down the well" song and the interview Sacha did with Andy Rooney. The Rooney one was really funny because Rooney kept correcting Ali G's grammar and eventually walked away from the interview. Howard read that some Jewish groups are upset by the Jew down the well song because some people might not get the sarcasm and think it's real, but Howard and Sacha agreed that we cannot live in a country that caters to stupid people above all others. Sacha revealed little on the inner workings of the show because he said if he revealed too much they wouldn't be able to get away with what they are doing now.


Howard was under the impression that Sacha is recently engaged to actress Isla Fisher and thought that was a bad move since Sacha is just now becoming really big and famous. Sacha said that he's not actually engaged to her yet, but hopes to be. Howard asked if he ever had sex in one of his characters and Sacha hadn't, but he almost had sex with a transvestite in his Borat character when, after flirting with a transvestite he "thought" was a girl, the tranny locked Borat in a bathroom stall and tried to have sex with him. Staying in character the entire time Borat was eventually able to escape, screaming My wife, my wife, I have a wife!!!

Review from marksfriggin.com

"Howard mentioned Ali G again and said that his real name is Sacha Baron Cohen. Jason gave him a tape from his show where he interviews Andy Rooney. Howard played the audio from that interview and did his goofy interviews to the point that Rooney was about to bail out on the whole thing. Rooney was correcting him on his use of the English language. Rooney eventually tells Ali G that he has to end the interview because things aren't going well. Ali asked him if it was because he was black (which he isn't) and Rooney seems to think that he's insane after hearing that."

After the break Howard had Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G) come in. He told him what a fan of his he is. He said that it was good to meet him. Sacha told Howard he can't really say how they get those interviews on his show because it would be tough for them to keep doing them if everyone knew how they did it. He also told Howard how he got started doing the characters he does.

Howard talked about the Andy Rooney bit he'd played earlier and how it shows how humorless Rooney really is. There was an article in the paper today about Sacha's show ''Da Ali G Show'' because he did a bit where his character, Borat, sings about throwing Jews down a well. Now there are Jews who are ****** off about the bit and at Sacha for what he did. They want Sacha's show to be taken off the air. Howard wondered if HBO is going to cave in and actually take the show off. Sacha said he did one bit that HBO never aired because the guy being interviewed was talking about how they used to hunt blacks in Africa. This guy down in Texas also talked about how good the Final Solution was and he was serious. They aired that segment over in England but not over here on HBO. They think that it trivialized the holocaust so that's why HBO didn't put it on. Howard said that over here in the US it's like we have to protect the stupid people. That's why they take stuff like that off the show.

Howard played the bit that he was talking about where Sacha's character Borat sings a country song about the Jews and how they should throw them down the well. He's in a bar with a bunch of hillbillies and they eventually start singing along to the song. Howard thinks it's unbelievable that the people in the bar actually sing along to the song.

Howard asked Sacha if they think about how wrong a bit like that can go. He said they do think about that stuff but when they start to see what's going on, they know that they've gotten some ''comedy gold.'' Howard wondered if they've ever lost anything because they didn't have a camera running for some reason. Sacha said that he had a camera man early on one time who was told not to turn off the camera no matter what. He looked at some tape later in the day and found that the guy had turned it off. Sacha told Howard that everyone on camera knows that they're being filmed so that's how they get them all on.

Howard asked Sacha about this interview he did with this guy who was running for office. The guy basically says that he thinks the Jews are going to hell for their beliefs. The guy didn't do that well in the election and HBO has heard from him about this stuff. Gary told him that he called the FCC and the Sherrif's office after it aired. Howard played the clip of that interview where Sacha was doing his character Borat again and asking the guy about the Jews and if he thinks they will go to heaven or hell. The guy responds saying that he thinks the Jews are going to hell.

Howard asked Sacha if he's making some good money working for HBO. He said that they give him creative freedom but Howard doesn't think he's making much money. Howard said that Sacha almost got an interview with him when he was over in England. Sacha wasn't in character at the time and just wanted to do a regular interview. Howard kind of remembered him coming up to him over there. Howard had done an interview with this guy Chris Evans over there and Sacha remembered seeing that. The guy is pretty popular over there in England to this day.

Sacha used to be a stand-up comedian but some people didn't get that he was doing characters so it didn't go over too well. He did a movie over in England based on his character Ali G but he's not sure if it'll come out over here. Howard also asked Sacha about the woman he's engaged to, Isla Fisher. Sacha talked about her for a short time.

Sacha told Howard a story about a guy who tried to take him into a bathroom stall one time and how he had to escape from him. He remained in character the whole time though. That led to Howard playing a clip of Sacha doing an interview as his gay character where he interviewed a straight guy about guns. During the interview he was making gay references and the guy threatened to knock every tooth out of his head if he made another gay reference. Sacha said he has one interview on the DVD he has coming out where he did something similar and the guy ended up pulling a gun out on him. He had to run off, remaining in character of course, and got away from the guy.

Howard gave Sacha a plug for his DVD ''Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season'' and said that it's available now. HBO is going to be ''re-premiering'' his show ''Da Ali G Show'' this Sunday night as well. Howard played another one of his favorite clips where Ali G interviews a Veterinarian about why there were so many sick animals over in Viet Nam. He was confusing Veterans and Veterinarians and ******* the guy off. Sacha says that if everyone is in on the joke then the whole thing is pointless. Howard told him that he should be in a mad rush to get as many interviews as he can before the whole world embraces him.

Howard took some phone calls for Sacha. One guy asked about a band aid that Sacha was wearing on his face during some of his stuff. He said he cut himself shaving and wore the band-aid for that reason. He said it wasn't a great story. Another caller asked Sacha who his influence were because he seems kind of like Andy Kauffman. Sacha said he never watched Taxi but he did see the movie about him and thought he was a pretty incredible talent. Another caller wondered if Sacha was going to do any political interviews. Sacha said that he would love to interview Bush but he usually only interviews really intelligent people.

Howard played another clip from ''Da Ali G Show'' where he's talking about Euthanasia and makes people think that he thinks that they're talking about ''youth-in-Asia.'' Howard got a few more laughs out of that. He asked Sacha how he met his girlfriend but interrupted him and asked him about how he became friends with Madonna. He said he got a call from someone who he thought was impersonating Madonna so he goofed on her for a few minutes. Then, about 10 minutes in, she made it clear that it was really Madonna. She was a fan of his and eventually came over to his house for dinner with her husband. He told Howard that at one point, he turned and heard his mother telling her that she looks better in pictures than she does in person.

Howard thought that Sacha is engaged to this woman Isla Fisher but Sacha said that he's not actually engaged to her. He's just dating her and there are some stories that have run over in England that aren't quite true. Howard started to wrap up the interview but Gary came in and said that Sacha was able to interview someone high up in the FBI and he wonders how something like that happens.

Howard asked Sacha if there's any interview that he really liked that hasn't aired. Sacha said that he went to a guy who was supposed to ''heal him'' by massaging him. He said that the guy was trying to massage him but he couldn't relax. The guy left the room to let him relax for a couple of minutes. When the guy came back he pretended to be pleasuring himself furiously. The guy eventually called the cops but Sacha stayed in character and tried to drag it out a little longer. He had to break down and tell him that he was in character shooting a TV show. He said that the cops ended up taking the tapes and they still have them to this day.

Howard thanked Sacha for coming in today and gave him another plug for his DVD ''Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season'' and wrapped up the interview.

Fan of the site Jimmy reports that a bittorrent download of the interview can be obtained from http://www.uknova.com/details.php?id=1526.

It's possible that Cringehumor.net are hosting an MP3 of the interview here.

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