The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Two BAFTAs and one decent review

In true keeping with this site's nature this story has been ruthlessly copied and pasted from the BBC News Site...

Booyakasha!Channel 4's Sacha Baron Cohen won the Best Comedy Performance and Comedy Programme awards at this years BAFTAs (British Television and Film Awards) for his creations Ali G and Borat.

Baron Cohen adopted a mock Shakespearean style when he picked up his first award of the night. 

"Playing the role of Ali G has been such a challenge. He's such an exuberant fella," he told the audience. 

"If he was here he would no doubt say something along the lines of 'Boyakasha', or 'Respect' or something like that." 

Playing the role of Ali G has been such a challenge. He's such an exuberant fella

Click here to go to the websiteBut not content with only two awards this week. The Unofficial Borat Homepage also chipped in with some critical acclaim of its own (from none other than Internet Magazine and Margaret Manning*). With a massive 5 stars out of 5 for content and 4 stars out of 5 for design, the Unofficial Borat Homepage turned more than a few heads in the UK Internet Industry. 

"This is an extremely well put together site", "A very professional looking outing", "A great way of delivering good navigation", "This site looks shit in any browser other than IE5" - Jagshemash!

Jacks Sie Machs

* Margaret Manning is Commercial Director of some posh London based .com (I think)

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